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Rob Dougan


Composer, having written music for films such as The Matrix and released music through Warners Bros, Universal, Sony BMG, Rob Dougan started La Pèira with Karine Ahton in 2004. A profile of Rob Dougan by Andrew Jefford for Gourmet Traveler Wine is here. A profile in The Guardian Newspaper by Will Hodgkinson is here.

Karine Ahton


Born in Montpellier, and growing up in Lyon, Karine is a qualified solicitor and a legal and business affairs lawyer

“The idea that we can make history now, and we can be a part of that is exciting”

“…the South of France region in general, is the region that’s unfolding before our eyes, in our lifetime. In the way that we’d love to go back to Burgundy and see the nascence of Burgundy when the discoveries were made.

What would we not pay to go back to that time? and be part of that? and see that all happening? And see those famous, wonderful expressions in their first moment of lighting that flame? Or to go back to Bordeaux, when the Dutch engineers were draining the swamps, and they were going to plant the first of these famous vines? When they had no certainty about what was going to be achieved, and they were just discovering that.

But we have that process unfolding before our eyes, in our lifetime, and we have the key to be part of it. And that for me is extraordinary, and we can do that in the French wine region, and we can do that in a wine region that’s not just making history now but is also the oldest wine region in France. The idea that we can make history now, and we can be a part of that is exciting.”

Rob Dougan, La Pèira founder. Read the full interview here

Andrew Jefford visits La Pèira in 2020

Rob Dougan Interview with Corney & Barrow

(Rob Dougan discusses La Pèira with Guy Seddon of Corney & Barrow
– wine merchants since 1780 and exclusive importers of Château Pétrus, Romanée-Conti, Clos de Tart)